5 Most Popular And Beautiful Places In Indonesia

1. Bali Island
Bali is the name of a province in Indonesia and also the name of the largest island that are part of the province. In addition consists of the Bali Island, the province of Bali is also composed of surrounding smaller islands, namely Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lambongan Islam, ceningan island and serangan island.

Many interesting and beautiful places who can you visit in Bali. Kuta beach and other beaches, diving, surfing, or just for swimming and see the beautiful view. Cultural fairs, temples, and historical.

 Kecak Dance is most popular dance from Bali

 Nice place and beach for surfing

 Beautiful view for diving

 Beautiful view in other side

Bali house or some temples in bali

2.Raja Ampat
Raja ampat is one of the districs inthe province of West Papua, Indonesia. Capital City is located in waisai. The distric has 610 islands. Four of them, namely misool island, salawati, batanta, and waigeo island are the larger islands. Of the whole island is only 35 islands was inhabited while the islands are uninhabited and mostly do not have a name.

Same with Bali, the offered tours in this place is amazing marine tourism. Swimming and diving in Raja Ampat Ocean is like a dream. You can see a beautiful new world and colorful in Raja Ampat underwater. Beauty and clean nature creating a cozy feeling in your mind and your heart. 

3.Komodo Island

Komodo Island located around The Nusa tenggara Island Areal. Komodo island is known as a real habitat of Dragon ( Komodo). This island is Komodo National Park Area, managed by central government of Indonesia. On the island, Dragons (komodo) live and breed so well. Until august 2009 there are 1300 dragons (komodo).

The island also kept a variety of exotic flora such as sepang wood. By the local people the flora was used as a medicinal and dye clothing. landscapes on the island is also beautiful. At this place you can see first hand the native habitat of the Komodo dragon at the same time feel comfortable in a beautiful natural setting.

4. Weh Island ( Sabang )

weh island located in the westernmost area of ​​Indonesia. And Sabang is the capital of the province. Sabang is one of the provinces of Aceh. There are so many natural attractions in this place, marine tours, waterfalls, and many other interesting things of his. Sea water is blue and clear, make your eyes amazed and want to feel the coolness. There are Iboih beach, gapang beach, sumur tiga beach, and many others beach.

in this place there is a 0 Km monument , the monument is the point of the initial calculation of the territory of Indonesia. While in the area of ​​the monument, you'll feel how the cool sea breeze. If you are lucky, you will also see some wildlife such as monkeys, apes, etc

Monument of 0 Km Point

 Iboih Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach

 Sumur Tiga Beach

 fort relic of japan

Balohan Port Area

5. Lorentz National Park

Lorentz National Park is a national park located in the province of Papua, Indonesia. With an area of 25,000 km ² Lorentz is the largest national park in Southeast Asia.

The park is still not mapped, explored and there are many native plants, animals and culture. In 1999 the park was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is one of the three regions in the world that has snow in the tropics. Lorentz National Park is representative of the complete ecosystem for biodiversity in South East Asia and Pacific region.

This area covers the mountains, beaches, lakes, jungle, etc. Here too there is one of the seven highest peaks on seven continents (Seven Summits) is Carstensz pyramid or by local communities in the call-Ndugu Ndugu (4884 masl). So many indigenous tribes who live in this region, the most tribe is Asmat tribe.


Ghandi Mohammad

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